Wellington, New Zealand

Diabetes Association

English (Advanced)

Assist this non-profit organization in their mission to gain a greater online presence through social media by revamping their website, managing their Facebook account, and sharing knowledge about the association’s services with the Wellington community. Participants will help lead creative fundraising campaigns and promote cooking classes and supermarket tours for community members who intend to lead a healthier lifestyle. This organization is open to service-learning participants who can take initiative and come up with fresh ideas to help people who struggle with Diabetes.

After-Care Center for People with Disabilities

English (Advanced)

This organization's mission is to ensure the lives of people with disabilities are supported and improved, including their choices of where they live, learn, and socialize. The organization encourages its service users, through self-determination, to create the lives they want and to feel connected to their communities. Participants will engage with staff and service users, and assist with activities related to exercise, occupational therapy, and socialization.

Sex Worker Advocacy Collective

English (Advanced)

With prostitution decriminalized in New Zealand, sex work is treated as an occupational health issue rather than a criminal issue. Independent, highly-motivated service-learning participants will aid the organization's staff with community outreach and education through social media, put together care packages, and may have the opportunity to gain experience in grant proposal writing.

Art Therapy Center

English (Advanced)

This community-based center takes a creative approach to providing support and therapy to people with mental illness. The center provides a supportive and professional art studio and gallery environment for people to engage in the production of artwork, enabling them to develop a broad skill base and to take ownership of their creative paths towards positive outcomes in the local community. Participants will work with the center’s staff to facilitate engaging classes and workshops.