Santiago, Dominican Republic

Children's Dining Hall

Spanish (Intermediate)

This organization is dedicated to promoting and coordinating activities that lead to successful development for some of the most disadvantaged youth in Santiago. Participants will have the opportunity to make an impact on the lives of children who utilize the dining hall for meals, education, and healthcare. Activities include facilitating recreational activities, creating engaging educational activities, serving meals, and acting as a positive mentor. *This placement has limited availability June - September as students involved in this organization are on summer vacation.

Center for Children with Disabilities

Spanish (Intermediate)

This public center sponsored by the First Lady of the Dominican Republic provides diagnostic and rehabilitation services to children with intellectual and physical disabilities such as autism, down syndrome, and cerebral palsy. The center aims to provide integrative services to children and develop their physical and mental abilities along with preparing them for social inclusion. Services at the center include evaluation, diagnosis, and therapy. Participants may have the opportunity to observe physical therapy, nutrition, and psychology staff and also observe consultations. Placements that may involve patient interaction are observation-based; participants are required to complete the Global Ambassadors for Patient Safety (GAPS) workshop for eligibility.

Youth Development Centers

Spanish (Intermediate)

These public, non-profit centers seek to promote youth development and education among at-risk youth populations in Santiago. These centers offer a variety of services to children, including personal hygiene, academic support, after school programs, recreational activities, health education, psychological support, and meals. Participants will have opportunities to facilitate recreational and educational programs, help with homework and assignments, and form connections with students.