Salamanca, Spain

Support Center for Women and Children

Spanish (Advanced)

This center supports women and children who are victims of abuse. They work to build self-esteem through activities and workshops. Participants may have the opportunity to observe social workers and psychologists. They may also help women seek employment, assist in domestic violence awareness workshops or lead recreational activities. PLEASE NOTE: This organization is closed from the end of June through September for summer vacation.

Salamanca City Council Partnership

Spanish (High Intermediate)

ISA Service-Learning has partnered with the Salamanca City Council to coordinate placements with over 80 local non-profit community organizations. These organizations work within a variety of sectors including Family and Youth Development, Community Development, and Heath. Examples of organizations include support centers for people with disabilities, senior citizen homes, health clinics, refugee and immigrant support, and summer camps. While we aim to place students in their field of interest, placement with any single organization will depend on the projects available at the time. Students interested in exploring these opportunities should be flexible with their placement options and understand that placement confirmation will likely be 1-2 weeks prior to the program start date.