Salamanca, Spain

Support Center for Women and Children

Spanish (Advanced)

This center offers support to abused women and children by building their self-esteem through activities and workshops that equip them to reach their utmost potential. Participants in this organization may have opportunities to work side-by-side with social workers and psychologists in Salamanca to improve the daily lives of the economically disadvantaged. In addition, there may be opportunities to help women find employment, assist in leading awareness workshops for the community at local schools, take part in counseling activities, or teach yoga or dance classes for children ages 5-18. PLEASE NOTE: This organization is closed from the end of June through September for summer vacation.

Family Support Center for People with Intellectual Disabilities

Spanish (High Intermediate)

These non-profit organizations are dedicated to helping people with Alzheimer's, cerebral palsy and/or other related encephalopathies with the mission to defend the rights and improve the quality of life of people with these disabilities. These organizations also aim to increase inclusion and participation in the community and carry out educational, extracurricular, sports and cultural development activities for people affected by these types of intellectual disabilities. Participants in these organizations will collaborate with staff to create and carry out playful activities, such as board games, storytelling, walks, excursions, and sports. Participants may also have the opportunity to shadow mental health professionals where applicable.