Meknes, Morocco

Center for Children with Disabilities

Arabic (Beginning), French (Beginning)

This center works with children who have physical and/or intellectual disabilities. They provide therapy, education, and recreational services. Participants may have the opportunity to shadow physical therapists, sanitize equipment and classrooms, teach English, assist with events, and plan recreational activities. * NOTE: This organization is not available during the summer.

Community Support Center

French (Beginning), English (Intermediate), Arabic (Beginning)

This organization provides an array of services to people of all ages. They provide education for primary and middle school children, support for adults with disabilities, and care for senior citizens. Participants may assist in teaching English, designing specialty workshops and classes, and recreational activities for all ages. * NOTE: In the summer months, participants are only able to work with senior citizens.

Women’s Development and Vocational Training Foundations

French (Intermediate), English (Intermediate), Arabic (Intermediate)

These foundations assist Moroccan women of all economic levels to complete their education. Many of the educational courses teach artisan skills (embroidery, calligraphy, literacy, cooking, and hair dressing) to increase employment opportunities and/or assist the women in starting their own businesses. Participant opportunities may include organizing logistics, preparing lesson plans, and teaching English to the women. Additional help may be needed with fundraising, marketing, or creating a social media presence or website development to help the women sell their products.