Meknes, Morocco

Community Support Center

French (Beginning), English (Intermediate), Arabic (Beginning)

This organization works with people of all ages, from primary and middle school-aged youth to disabled adults and elderly Moroccans, and provides them with the care and education they need. Create and teach English lessons for varying ages and abilities, as well as fun workshops, classes, and activities around the center like soccer and basketball, or even a specialized subject of your choice. * NOTE: In the summer months, participants in this organization are only able to work with elderly populations.

Community Development Organization

English (Beginning)

This organization is founded and run by young adults seeking to improve their community. They aim to serve the Meknes community in different facets, including vocational training, fundraising, social and environmental campaigns, and language courses. This innovative organization is open year-round and accepts English-speaking students. French or Arabic language skills are helpful but not required.