Limerick, Ireland

Youth Service Center

English (Superior)

This Youth Service Center provides youth with work, education, training & employability projects. They support a number of diverse youth work projects including international youth work. The organization enhances the civic, educational, personal, and social development of young people with programs focusing on a broad range of topics from leaderships skills, animal welfare, and web safety to creative arts, music, and sports. A participant in this role may be involved with group study sessions, arts, teaching, and a limited amount of administrative work.

Youth Foundation and Play Center

English (Superior)

This national foundation helps make dreams come true for terminally-ill children and provides an all-inclusive and accessible play center for children of all needs and abilities. Participants in this role may have opportunities to serve both in the foundation's office and in the play center. Possible responsibilities may include fundraising support, research, database entry, play center maintenance, and helping supervise play areas. ** NOTE: This organization requires a commitment of up to 30 hours per week and work on weekends.

Center for People with Autism

English (Superior)

This center is a non-profit organization that provides socially inclusive activities for people with autism and their families. Their services include camps, sibling groups, and movement groups for individuals and their families. They also work closely with local businesses to increase their accessibility and accommodations for people with autism. Participants in this role may have opportunities to work directly with the community and on administrative and organizational tasks and activities.