Lima, Peru

At-Risk Youth Development and Rehabilitation Center

Spanish (High Intermediate)

Empower Peru’s at-risk youth by serving in a boy’s or girl’s home in the outskirts of the city of Lima.The goal of this organization is to promote, through prevention and rehabilitation, the healthy and integral development of children and adolescents at high risk in Peru. The aim here is to encourage functional participation in academic, social, and familial settings in a healthy and violence-free environment. ISA participants will work closely with experienced staff and volunteers to promote daily practices of hygiene and health, as well as quality education. Participant responsibilities vary from assisting with day to day operations and facility maintenance, to leading workshops in language, fitness, art, and sports. Participants with a high level of Spanish proficiency may have the opportunity to observe and assist in the center's department of Psychology. *The Center is located on the outskirts of Lima, a 45-minute commute on a provided volunteer van. This placement is not available to students on a semester study program.

Family Support Center

Spanish (Intermediate)

This non-profit opened in 2014 and is dedicated towards improving the health and welfare of Peruvian children. The organization provides a "home away from home" for many families that must travel to Lima so that they can be near their children during their hospitalization. Participants will assist with maintaining the facility to ensure a comfortable and welcoming environment for the families in need. Participants will also serve to support the families staying at the home during very trying times. Interested participants may have the opportunity to support fundraising events, support weekly workshops, create brochures and marketing materials, and assist in social media networking.

Children's Rehabilitation Institute

Spanish (Intermediate)

This institute serves children with physical, intellectual, or sensory disabilities through physical therapy, social integration, and educational activities. The institute follows an early treatment approach known as the Doman Method, and one in which the parents of the child participate actively in the rehabilitation program. Participants may have the opportunity to work directly with the children and assist the staff in various areas, such as neurology, psychology, physical therapy, education, and pedagogy.

Center for Students with Learning Disabilities

Spanish (High Intermediate)

The Center for Students with Learning Disabilities is a bilingual center dedicated to supporting children and teenagers with alternative forms of academic support. The center also provides families with consulting services to best support their student. The multidisciplinary team of experts creates specialized approaches incorporating family, school, and therapy. Staff creates personalized programs of support as well as psychological, learning, language, occupational/sensory, physical, and psycho-motor evaluations. This organization is closed the last two weeks of July and for the months of December, January and February.