Lima, Peru

Housing and Social Inclusion Non-Profit

Spanish (Beginning)

This multinational non-profit organization seeks to alleviate poverty and transform communities through collaboration, sustainable development, and grass-roots construction projects. Participants in this role may assist the organization with fundraising, project development, campaigns, logistical support, and other tasks as needed.

Community Development Organization for At-Risk Youth

Spanish (High Intermediate)

This organization promotes lasting community development and serves vulnerable populations by providing a variety of educational and skills-based programs. Through the use of play, sports, and cultural activities, they hope to transform the lives of community members. Their services include childhood educational programs, transformation and beautification of public spaces, and sports programs such as muaythai and surfing. Service-Learning participants in this organization should be highly professional and may work directly with community members or on tasks such as translation, fundraising, grant writing, and marketing or social media initiatives. ** NOTE: A skype interview with the organization may be required. Direct interaction with children will be limited in this role.