Granada, Spain

Local School

Spanish (High Beginning)

This local school serves students K-12. Participants will have the opportunity to teach English and gain classroom experience working with students from Granada, Spain. Native English speakers are needed to teach pronunciation, assist teachers in daily classroom duties, help with homework and design creative activities for classes. PLEASE NOTE: Schools are closed during July and August due to summer vacation. Some local schools may offer summer school classes within a less-structured educational setting, but availability is not guaranteed.

Environmental Education Cooperative

Spanish (Beginning)

This cooperative is dedicated to designing and developing educational resources related to environmental education and values. In addition to extracurricular activities at the "aula de naturaleza" and morning classroom activities, the staff carries out educational projects with municipalities and offers multiple resources and services to local schools. Service-learning participants may have an active role in all the activities of the cooperative such as helping with itineraries, storytelling, hiking, workshops, training talks, and animation activities. PLEASE NOTE: In June and July, participants may assist with the summer school programs where service-learning participants offer support to the "ludoteca," a play center for the children during the summer.