Galway, Ireland

Student Radio Station

English (Advanced)

One of only three campus community radio stations in Ireland, this radio station has been serving the Galway university student community for over 10 years. As a radio station "for students, by students", it facilitates genuine participation rather than one-way interactions with listeners, and provides diverse and eclectic weekly talk shows covering a wide range of student issues like LGBT rights, Irish language shows, French language shows, Spanish language shows, university sports coverage, unsigned local artists, current affairs, on campus event coverage, and more. Throughout the school year and summer, participants can join a dedicated group of local volunteers who work tirelessly to deliver a series of informative, entertaining, and exciting radio programs to the wider community.

Cultural Heritage Organization

English (Superior)

This organization is a heritage charity committed to protecting and enhancing Galway's natural, man-made, and cultural heritage for the benefit of all. The organization adopts a hands-on approach which includes supporting a number of other non-profit and charity organizations and undertaking improvement, conservation, and education projects in support of its mission. Activities may include assisting or leading city tours, community education events, administrative assistance, or fundraising initiatives. Additional tasks include administrative assistance with promotional initiatives. This is a great placement for students looking to work closely with locals and gain experience in non-profit organization management. This organization is open year round but is more likely to accept service learning students in the summer.