Cape Town

Cape Town, South Africa

Civil Rights Advocacy Campaign

English (Advanced)

This coalition aims to inform community members of their civil rights regarding access to information in order to allow for informed public participation. Depending on participants’ interests and skills, their responsibilities may include social media promotion, IT development and support, developing and maintaining a contact management system, research, documentation, and archiving for the organization, and more. *This organization only accepts full-time service-learning students and may request a Skype interview

Human Rights Advocacy Organization

English (Advanced)

This community-based, non-profit human rights organization is devoted to protecting and fighting for the rights of asylum-seekers, refugees, and immigrants in South Africa. The organization also works in the areas of LGBTQA+ advocacy and fighting xenophobia. Depending on skills and interests, participants may have opportunities to interview clients, research, assist with event management and fundraising efforts, and help with social media and marketing efforts through various platforms.