Cape Town

Cape Town, South Africa

School for Special Needs

English (Advanced)

Offering a mainstream curriculum for learners with physical disabilities, this school was founded in 1974 as a school for “differently abled” children in Xkosa-speaking communities of the Cape townships. Participants may assist in the following areas: administrative duties, coaching sports or leading other activities, supervising students during lunch and recreation times, classroom assistance and more depending on interests and skills. *This partner organization is only available for full-time, 8-week service learning students and is not available during the semester.

South African Education Project

English (Advanced)

This non-profit organization empowers young people through tutoring, enrichment, and support. Its academic enrichment and personal development programs are for children, youth, and education providers. Based in one of Cape Town’s most under-resourced black townships, the organization has defined eight specific education programs for a variety of age groups. Participants’ responsibilities will vary based on the specific program for which they are accepted. *This partner organization is only available for full-time, 8-week service learning students.

Local Primary School

English (High Advanced)

This Catholic primary school caters to children ages 6-14 from disadvantaged communities (primarily Coloured and Black Communities). They strive to accommodate the needs of all learners and provide quality education based on a proud tradition of service. Participants in this role may help with after school care, assist students with homework, tutor students in subjects such as math and English, and serve as teaching assistants in classrooms. *This placement available to Study + Service-Learning Semester Combo students only.