Valencia, Spain

Football Club

Gain experience working in the sports industry. Manage the new business and social media accounts for local football clubs and adapt the content to suit international markets.

Sports Management

Intern at a sports management company in various business fields: professional services, event management, sports content or city sports management. Work in the editorial department writing content and articles, or the marketing and events department to help organize and manage events. Help support promotional efforts through social media.

Music Marketing and Event Planning

Interns may assist with organizing and planning the music tour by researching for concert venues and accommodations, working with social networks sites to increase awareness and grow fan base, and prepare and review advertisements. Participants may also contact media sources for reviews and write press releases.

Accounting Consultancy

Interns may assist in accounting, tax preparation, tax advice and tax claims. Through the course of the internship, the intern will learn about the Spanish tax system, taxes in other European countries, and possibly advise on taxes and accounting in the USA. Intern will also assist with office duties and collaborate on the design of the English webpage, contact foreign offices to assist with marketing, and prepare exchanges between foreign offices.

Human Resources

Assist in training programs by developing training methodology and documentation and preparing company training programs. The intern will also attend internal meetings to prepare and develop other projects with a company whose mission is to offer innovative solutions in the Human Resources field.

Supply Chain Management

Work at a national and international courier service where interns will be tasked with managing shipments, completing necessary paperwork and documentations, following up with tracking packages, as well as administrative tasks as required.