Valencia, Spain

Community and Non-Profit Organizations

Opportunities exist in cultural institutions, non-profit organizations and other community institutions. Create a social marketing plan, translate communication materials to English and complete projects as determined by interests, or work defending, promoting and protecting human rights. Work directly with the departments to grow international contacts for community events.

Theater School

The intern will be involved with conducting workshops in English and in charge of creating and preparing this workshop for children and teenagers to introduce them to the theater and teach students tools for theater. The participant will be responsible for the production of these workshops and for promoting the class. The intern will be involved in all areas of the program and theater including production, creation and exhibitions.

Music Marketing and Event Planning

Interns may assist with organizing and planning the music tour by researching for concert venues and accommodations, working with social networks sites to increase awareness and grow fan base, and prepare and review advertisements. Participants may also contact media sources for reviews and write press releases.