Shanghai, China

Supply Chain Management

Work to promote trade and investment with global markets in order to open up opportunities for sustainable market growth. Learn how investment services are provided to small start-ups, gain experience advising high net worth individuals and families or explore international trade and multinational finance. Other opportunities exist in the asset management and banking industry where interns gain experience in the study of business and economic sectors.

Marketing and Brand Management

Support global marketing, social media administration and market research projects that grow the creative brand for businesses. Interns are placed in a large range of companies, from those that provide digital services to household fixtures.

Investment Banking

Explore bank operations, customer management and day-to-day administration in a highly competitive industry in both national and multinational companies.

Public Relations

Intern at a large PR firm or at a U.S.-based firm's location in the Asia Pacific. Duties may include conducting market research, participating in team brainstorming, and drafting reports, press releases, and case studies.

Finance and Market Research

Interns typically work in international and domestic businesses across all industries in the finance department or on finance-related tasks. Interns can be responsible for a broad array of tasks such as financial research and market analyses, market research, business development, sales, or client management.

Logistics Company

Intern at an international freight company, specializing in providing domestic and international household goods, moving and storage services for corporate, private, government, and military customers. Gain experience working alongside the marketing and sales departments to develop strategic networks, update Salesforce and work with sales tracking forms, and other freight projects including: sourcing global rates and vendors for air and sea.

Lifestyle Branding

Intern with hospitality companies living the vision of creating extraordinary experiences and leaving behind eternal memories. Task include creating slogans, catchphrases, messages, and straplines for new lifestyle brands, composing and edit website, marketing material, and article content and researching subject matter, competitors, industry, and target audience.

Lifestyle Retail

Work at premier lifestyle retail companies that own and operate fashion and food & beverages companies with presence in the United States, Europe and Asia. Work closely with Marketing Managers to develop the companies' brand. Assist marketing managers in their daily tasks such as managing the social networks, organizing events, copy writing marketing materials (Brochures, Productions, Videos, Edition). Create content, update and monitor social media accounts.

Human Resources

Intern at the largest Swiss consulting company in China, and a member of various HR associations. With its human resources services and team of well educated and highly trained consultants this company has a successful track record helping many Fortune 500 companies recruit in China. Help consultants to screen the CV, analyse the Job Description and present the profile to the Consultant to further justify the candidates; Build up target lists of candidates; update the data-pool of CVs; Collect and screen CVs to match job specifications and requirements; Research the specific market to maintain current and up-to-date industry information;

Financial Industry Consultancy

Intern at one of the leading Financial Industry Consultancies in Asia. Through a combination of Research, Strategy and Sales enablement these companies help financial institutions, financial technology companies and other services providers understand the nuances and opportunities in Asia's financial services industry, which helps these companies do business in the Asian financial services industry. Intern will be primarily responsible for a number of research projects within the financial services industry; support studies for clients on various topics in the Chinese banking, capital markets and insurance industries through interviews, desktop research and discussions with the team; interface with mainly international clients to discuss research results.

Investment Management

Intern at long/short, emerging markets investment management companies, that conducts deep, fundamental, on-the-ground research in each of its geographies. Tasks include: assisting the Ecosystem Manager with designing and executing research projects; Conducting market research on industries and companies; Conducting site visits and cold calls; Maintaining and updating spreadsheets and databases;


Intern at companies that offer their clients a one stop solution for localization and promotion in the Chinese market. They apply a premium level of sophisticated knowledge on the Forex industry in combination with a deep understanding of the local Chinese financial markets. Tasks include: Market research, help finding law or consulting firms to be our vendors from UK, Australia, Cyprus, and Malta, and USA; Communicate with vendors to get detail of price, term, and make chart to compare the different vendors from different countries; Writing brochure's content for different countries regulation service products