Seoul, South Korea

Marketing and Brand Management

Support global marketing, social media administration and market research projects that grow the creative brand for businesses. The intern will work on projects including increasing Amazon SEO results, determining social networking influencers, and creating content for online platforms. Interns are placed in a large range of companies across all sectors.

Events Management and Promotions

Intern at a variety of companies and organizations that organize large events in Seoul. Responsibilities include inputting event details and confirm bookings, setting up and preparing for private events, developing marketing strategies, and writing online promotional content.

Public Relations and Marketing

Intern with a company that assists emerging tech companies expand beyond their domestic borders by boosting their cross-border marketing and PR efforts. These projects include overhauling the content on a company website, launching crowdfunding campaigns, managing social media accounts or publishing articles in the world’s top tech media.

Communications Agency

Intern with Seoul-based communications agencies with a strong background in culture and destination marketing for South Korea. These companies work with the Korean government, as well as the private to better communicate their brands to the world. They also assist international clients in uncovering the best of Korean culture and society through a variety of specialized services.

English Tour Guide and Tourism Marketing

This opportunity is perfect for students interested in a career in hospitality and/or tourism, or for marketing students interested in working in the hospitality and tourism industries. In this internship, interns attend festivals and group tours, assist with the organization of such tours, assist in the development of tour packages and coordination of trips, research and develop new tour programs, and gain a better understanding of tourism marketing and consulting skills.

Fashion Merchandising and Marketing

Intern for a fashion company assisting with visual merchandising of displayed items, assisting with marketing campaigns by developing advertising materials, maintaining databases and managing social media content.