Santiago, Chile

Environmental Non-Profit Organization

Work with local communities at a large and small non-profits which focus their efforts on protecting the ecology of the Chilean Patagonia and the country as a whole. Assist with developing marketing material, web content, graphics, presentations and storytelling.

Renewable Energy

Interns will choose a project to collaborate on which may include feasibility studies of bio-gas generation by seaweed or studies of waste to energy conversion, among others, to assess environmental impacts and the potential generation of energy. Intern may assist in designing devices to recover and recycle materials in local communities, designing reactors to produce energy using seaweed for local communities, or designing of combustion devices.

Environmental Architecture

Work with local environmental laws to research opportunities and develop ground and technical work. Ground work may be related to finding and measuring urban spaces which may be presented to municipalities and community leaders and analyzing economic scenarios of findings

Events Management for a Green Organization

Intern with an organization that applies green production technologies and re-training programs to create environmental awareness among Chileans, promoting education in this field and the creation of “puntos limpios," or recycling stations, all over the country. The intern may assist in the development of green initiatives by contacting representatives and assisting with obtaining and organizing the representation of "green" events in Chile.