Santiago, Chile

Shelter and Public Health Training

Gain experience at a variety of non-profit organizations that provide services ranging from providing housing and basic medical training for HIV/AIDS positive children and their parents to providing housing and services to at-risk youth. Responsibilities could include assisting with training on AIDS prevention and general health issues, providing social support for families and identifying international funding sources.

At-Risk Children's Organization

Work with an organization who recruits, trains and organizes volunteers to accomplish the mission of fostering positive development of children at social risk in Chile. The intern may be tasked with overseeing and managing the implementation of programs and materials, communicating with international volunteers responsibilities and aiding in the recruitment process, leading and coordinating activities, and presenting analyses and reports to the committee.

Health Education

Assist an organization that that finds and supports programs to improve the health and well-being of sick children from a full spectrum of needs including physical, emotional, and psychological. Interns may prepare educational materials and talks for patients families, and conduct training on cancer care for family members.

Addiction and Recovery

Work at a residential rehab clinic treating alcohol and drug addiction which serves low income addicts living in high social risks areas of the country whose aim is to help patients recover through an intensive, personalized program that combines medical treatment and complementary therapies. This drug rehabilitation centers lead individual patients to go from fearful, self-centered addicts into loving, focused persons who can live healthy and productive lives.