Santiago, Chile

Engineering and Architectural Firm

Intern at a technology development company that provides comprehensive engineering in the fields of buildings, hospitals, industrial structures and infrastructure. Undertake a structural engineering project for the duration of the internship experience or work as part of a team on several projects.

Chemical and Petroleum Engineering

Collaborate on research projects that focus on import decisions and logistics at a pharmaceutical company or a Chilean energy and forestry company on fuel products engineering. Responsibilities can vary greatly depending on the type of company.

Mechanical Engineering

Intern with an international company with a history of providing excellent service in different segments of the construction industry or with a leading company in developing solutions to plastic for industries with a commitment to environmental protection under a policy of sustainable development.

Business Engineering

Intern will carry out project related to exploration and successful market penetration by foreign entrepreneurs, possibly organizing international conferences, preparing market research on various topics, participating in fairs, and handling logistics, among other projects.

Electrical Engineering

The objective is to promote the development and generation of electrical energy in Chile, based on the principles of sustainability, reliability, and competitiveness as well as contribute to the discussion on energy generation and composition, contributing to the welfare of all Chileans.

Chemical Engineering

Utilize chemical engineering skills to help grow the world's food, enabling new innovations in pharmaceutical delivery, enhancing foods and beverages, contributing to a more sustainable energy supply and advancing the manufacture of hundreds of essential products.

Civil Engineering

Participate in the design, construction, supply, equipment, installation, and commissioning of project systems in areas of sewage, industrial wastewater, and odor treatment with a strong commitment to society and the environment.

Structural Engineering

Intern with a company focused on generating high quality and long lasting paving solutions, optimizing the use of resources and caring for environmental sustainability in its processes.

Computer Engineering

Help support an international company recognized as a leader in the design and implementation of IT solutions and services supporting the business processes of major companies in South America, utilizing IT or engineering background and skills.


Intern with a cutting-edge research center focusing on the investigation of key themes of modern biotechnology and bioengineering, including important applications in industry. Among internship objectives are the development of practical applications where Chile has significant comparative advantages.

Seismic Protection Technologies

Intern with a technology development and structural engineering company that provides comprehensive engineering and seismic protection solutions for buildings, hospitals, industrial structures, and life lines.