Multiple Cities

New Zealand

Environmental Research

Intern at New Zealand’s leading provider for sustainable development and the management of land-based natural resources or a government-owned research and consultancy company. Engage in sorting, taxonomic identification, systematic curation of rare and interesting specimens and Excel-based data entry of these preserved invertebrates.

Winery and Brewery

Opportunities exist throughout New Zealand with larger and craft wineries and breweries. A wide variety of internships are possible in viticulture, brewing, vineyard management, wedding planning, event planning, and restaurant management.

Medical Research

Due to the pandemic, most health-related placements will not be available through Summer 2021 Gain experience in clinical trial design, ethics review, good clinical practice, biostatistical analysis and manuscript drafting in an extensive profile of clinical studies with an organization dedicated to the investigation of health problems in New Zealand and internationally.

Chemistry & Chemical Sciences

Intern at a major chemical company, work alongside senior chemical compounders to observe production and delivery of products, and shadow other professional chemists in their daily work. Tasks may include QC testing, chemical labeling, rotation of retained QC samples of produced products, assisting with the review of SOPs for lab testing systems, and examining and improving health and safety procedures.