Multiple Cities

New Zealand

Psychology Research

Due to the pandemic, most health-related placements will not be available through Summer 2021 Gain research experience in a top-ranked psychology department in New Zealand with focuses in several areas of psychology. Assist with research, publications, studies and administration of cutting edge projects.

Faith-Based Community Development

Internships opportunities include working with a faith-based Māori youth and community development organization or a bible-based community development organization. Work with young people to support their families and communities in different training programs, organize and manage food drives, assist in providing recovery services and other administrative tasks.

Child, Youth, and Family Center

Working with hundreds of social service providers, these centers strive to help families by teaching skills required in order to find their own solutions. Work alongside staff to assist in organizing various support services for young people and their parents to help them build their foundation for a successful future. Responsibilities can vary greatly depending on current projects of the organization.

Advocate for Rural Women

Interns will have the opportunity to gain experience in rural population research including the development and review of rural assessment tools, legislation on rural areas, parliamentary ans select committee meetings and aid with current issues regarding rural issues such as rural crime and policy, and general administrative duties.

Addiction Services

Due to the pandemic, most health-related placements will not be available through Summer 2021 Learn about New Zealand's mental health system and services. Gain experience in the mental health and addiction services field through working with mental health policy, disability workforce development or assist with events and services.