Multiple Cities

New Zealand

Web Design and Digital Marketing

Intern at a digital agency and assist with web and graphic design, application testing, debugging, minor-feature implementation, user guides, minor support tasks and implement application performance tweaks.

Talent Agency

Internship opportunities exist in boutique management agencies specializing in managing actors, directors and screen-writers who also work with casting directors, advertising agencies, film, TV directors/producers and other industry-related bodies to help meet their briefs.

Art Event Management

Intern at an international competitive film festival or three-day art exhibition. Coordinate festival and other events and assist with marketing, as well as in the finance office. Responsibilities are related to the time of year the internship is completed as projects are dependent on the event timeline.

Sports Marketing and Management

Assist a company that provides courses for professionals interested in developing a career in sports and recreation by offering personal training, communications and relevant technologies. Support marketing efforts and assist with management duties to organize supply and staffing needs for outreach events.

Winery and Brewery

Opportunities exist throughout New Zealand with larger and craft wineries and breweries. A wide variety of internships are possible in viticulture, brewing, vineyard management, wedding planning, event planning, and restaurant management.

Wealth Management

Intern with a wealth management company in a variety of different facets, depending on experience. Work with corporate accountancy to prepare and deliver financial accounting, manage expense analysis, assist with corporate accounting, work with clients, or account for e-accruals.

Marketing and International Business

Source projects, schedule sampling campaigns or create social media campaigns designed to attract and influence clients in the Australian or Asian markets alongside maintaining Kiwi client base.