Multiple Cities


Fitness Studio

Intern in small, fully-equipped gyms that offer general services, as well as personal training and coaching certification courses. Gain experience in everything you need to know to run your own gym, including membership sales, promotions, training, administration and maintenance of ongoing research projects.

Athletic Training

Intern with the national umbrella body for sports medicine and science or in a university setting. Assist with the administration of community education programs, conduct research on a variety of topics related to the field, observe trainers in action at sporting events and in clinical settings and other hands-on activities dealing with athletic training and exercise science.

Sports Marketing & Management

Assist with a range of opportunities in sports management and sports marketing, with tasks involving working on developing business plans, sports operations, player management, sponsorship sales/servicing, and ticketing/memberships. We have opportunities with Aussie rules football, rugby, and baseball teams, as well as sports related non-profit organisations, gyms, and fitness facilities.

Occupational Therapy

Due to the pandemic, most health-related placements will not be available through Summer 2021 Work in the field of occupational therapy in the area of soft tissue treatment and focus on the interrelationship between occupation and soft tissue function. You may work on tasks surrounding patient assessment and treatment, as well as focusing on dynamic neuromuscular stability training.

Physiotherapy & Physical Therapy

Work in the field of physiotherapy and physical therapy in areas like practical training, practice management, client development, business development, health industry research, working with insurance companies. Some opportunities also may exist in working with children who have developmental or physical disabilities. Here you will work to improve participants physical competence (motor skills, strength, fitness, body composition, flexibility) and movement confidence, and provide them with a positive exercise experience.