Multiple Cities


Marine & Freshwater Research

Conduct comprehensive marine and freshwater research of wild fisheries at a large aquatic center or gain experience working in a lab environment. Previous research has been done in aquaculture, oceanography and catchment ecology including research to better understand the effects that modern technology and/or natural occurrences have on the environment and sensitive ecosystems.

Public Health

Opportunities are available in a variety of public health areas. You could participate as an active member of a primary care cancer research team, a team working with those who have genetic, undiagnosed and rare conditions, or in areas visiting general practice or family clinics to assist in conducting studies, assist in event planning, and help edit research documents and protocols.

Psychology Research

Psychology is a competitive field, but successful interns may work in a healthcare clinic, helping with a number of administrative duties, or complete research for a university or organization. Opportunities may also exist in organisations to assist with organisational psychology and HR needs.

Biology Research

Work alongside healthcare professionals within universities, agencies, or non-profits that are trying to reach certain health goals within the Australian community. Opportunities are available in a number of areas such as cancer research, mental health research, genetics, nutrition, exercise science, obesity, and drug usage.