Multiple Cities


Marketing for Start-Ups and Small Businesses

Help with marketing and public relations events, support marketing objectives through social media campaigns, develop marketing plans for meeting sales goals. Opportunities exist in a variety of companies and organizations that focus on sports, travel, fashion, and much more.

Business Administration in the Private and Non-Profit Sector

Opportunities exist in the private and non-profit world for both large and small companies and organizations. Responsibilities can include: administration of day-to-day operations, development and implementation of new business processes or the oversight of project management through various event management projects.

Business Operations and Marketing

Interns have assisted the Marketing, Media, and Business Operations teams in developing and acquiring partnerships, sponsorships and suppliers though continuously developing new prospects and contributing to the strategy, development, design, forecasting, pricing, story and positioning of specific sponsorship product solutions.

Sales and Marketing

Assist the development and implementation of marketing strategies and campaigns by managing the CRM and outbound/inbound inquiries from sales/marketing leads, populating and updating the website, and providing direct support to the sales team through market analysis and research.

Finance & Accounting

Assist with projects and tasks within the property, commercial, and other finance departments. You could also be working with the finance team on a range of projects including finance, business operations, and data analysis. There are also opportunities to engage directly with startups doing financial modeling, early stage valuations as well as attending enterprise education events, and training.

Sports Marketing & Management

Assist with a range of opportunities in sports management and sports marketing, with tasks involving working on developing business plans, sports operations, player management, sponsorship sales/servicing, and ticketing/memberships. We have opportunities with Aussie rules football, rugby, and baseball teams, as well as sports related non-profit organisations, gyms, and fitness facilities.