Madrid, Spain

Business and Marketing for Real Estate

Contribute to a high-end and deluxe housing real estate consultancy agency's digital business plan by doing market research and valuation of real estate opportunities, and executing commercial actions to attract new customers and property owners. Interns will contribute ideas and use their creativity to assist in increasing brand awareness and visibility among international investors and potential clients.

Design and Marketing for HR Firm

This human resource management company specializes in relocation and outplacement of professional candidates, normally senior executives, but is looking to diversify its business. Interns will aid in marketing and re-branding strategies to help expand the organization to other markets and attract new clients.

Sports Marketing, Management, and Representation

This Sports Management company is dedicated to the representation and management of the rights of professional athletes. The company also offers advertisement agency services and brokerage on sponsorship deals linking sport organizations and individuals. The company is expanding client brands and interns who are passionate about sports may assist in this project by growing the brands of its professional athlete portfolios.

Arts, Graphic Design and Marketing for Production Company

Intern with a theater production company by using various forms of media to help promote shows and brainstorming ideas to implement a better, long lasting bond with the fans. Help create the bridge between staff and digital media in order to share content and experiences, use digital marketing and search engine optimization techniques to streamline the blogs, or contribute by overseeing the project management of the production and potential sponsorship's for the plays.

Sales and Marketing

Intern with a company that operates within the market of big distribution, specializing in electronic devices for main multinational brands. The intern will have an interest in sales and will assist the company in exploring new business opportunities and may evaluate possibilities of incorporating new value added services that their clients could use.

Digital Marketing for International Audiences

Work with an international marketing oriented team by enhancing their professional and strong online networks in order to open new business relationships with other brands and incorporate new products into the portfolio from around the world.

Content Based Digital Marketing

Work as a team to contribute to digital marketing projects in order to generate content based on the company’s expertise of evaluating and standardizing educational programs. The company is developing a stronger visibility of operations through attention to the quality of their digital platforms, a reflection of their services.

Professional Services Organization

Provide support to either the law, accounting, finance, or advisory department by interning with one of the largest global professional services organizations which provides audit, tax and advisory services using insights, experience and instinct to solve complex issues for privately owned, publicly listed and public sector clients.