London, England


Intern in a theater that puts on plays and musicals focusing on both new and classic literature through stimulating programs that capture the cultural heart of London. Learn skills necessary for management and administration of a theater while helping support production, design and technical development of upcoming performances.


Gain experience at large and small London museums that focus on textiles, art, jewelry or fashion. Support all aspects of the museum including events, workshops, exhibitions and provide administrative support.

Graphic Design

Gain experience at graphic design firms or within a graphic design department at various companies. Work for clients ranging from government departments to small start-up businesses. The participant will get all-round experience working in the graphic design industry working as part of small teams and assisting with the design and development of website and other online and offline collateral.

Media Production

Intern with a creative team in the media industry in areas such as pre-production, production, and post-production in media, television, or film.

Public Relations for Fashion

Intern may assist with the daily running of the design showroom and/or be part of the social media, creative, or events team for a start-up fashion company. Tasks may include processing samples, creating engaging content for the company blog, monitoring trends, assist with marketing campaigns, and merchandising.

Social Media and Video Production

Intern at a video production company and gain experience in video production, audience analysis, concept development, storyboarding, script writing, sourcing talent, filming, animation, and editing! Interns may also gain experience in social media management and marketing, public relations, and business development.