Ho Chi Minh City

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Critical Care Internship

The program includes the Essentials of Critical Care Orientation via computer based training, skill labs, EKG training, critical care/trauma case studies, and numerous clinical and critical thinking experiences. The intern will have the opportunity to strengthen his/her clinical skills, sharpen his/her nursing judgment, and organize care for several diverse patients. There will be opportunities to be a part of current nursing research as well.

Physical Therapy

The physical therapy intern gets the chance to work in the offices of physical therapists and sports therapists, learning about how a practice is run and gaining hands-on experience with helping patients. The intern will be able to shadow professional therapists, assist with strength and conditioning programs, assist patients with therapy machines as well as design and evaluate therapy programs. Some administrative support work may also be part of the intern’s responsibilities.


Get the chance to look after different groups of patients (pediatrics, orthopedics, emergency medicine, etc). In general, a nursing intern will be asked to perform the following tasks: Assess patients’ health problems and needs, formulate nursing diagnosis, develop and implement nursing plans and evaluate the outcome of nursing care and, if necessary, adapt the plan and more.